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Empowering Elementary School Children to Live Healthier Lives

"Children are better teachers because they have gone through the same things recently. Their memories have just been filled in so they can help younger buddies better."
James, grade 6

About the Program


The Healthy Buddies™ program is delivered to younger buddies with the help of older buddies. The health of an individual is based upon three equally important themes, represented by the three colours in the Healthy Buddies rainbow:

girl running


1. Moving your body or Go Move!

The physical component is reflected in:

  • the Fitness Loops in the gym
  • the classroom lessons, which reinforce key concepts

PDF fileLesson Snapshots (45 KB)

boy eating apple

2. Nutrition or Go Fuel!

The nutrition lessons teach:

  • the reasons for healthy eating
  • the importance of eating a variety of balanced foods
  • awareness of healthy and unhealthy eating habits
  • understanding the balance of energy in and energy out

PDF fileKey Learnings (40 KB)

girl relaxing

3. Feeling good about yourself or Go Feel Good!

The mental health theme includes:

  • valuing self
  • goal-setting for a healthy life
  • teaseproofing and encouraging
  • importance of sleep and relaxation
  • responding to influences (i.e. media) on healthy living and body image

PDF fileThree Theme Posters (270 KB)


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