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Empowering Elementary School Children to Live Healthier Lives

"Healthy Living is a three-step equation: eating healthy, being active and feeling good about yourself."
Doug, grade 6, study school student

About the Program:

Program Elements


A. 21 Classroom Lessons

Lessons are grouped and sequenced according to five organizers.

  • Lessons 1–2: Buddying
  • Lessons 3–11: What is Healthy Living?
  • Lessons 12–14: Challenges to Living a Healthy Life
  • Lessons 15–20: Overcoming Challenges to a Healthy Life
  • Lesson 21: Celebration of Learning About Healthy Living

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Click photo to view list of Classroom Materials
Classroom Materials


B. Fitness Loops


The physical activity component is a series of eight stations, placed around the gym. Instrumental aerobic music and original art posters inspire vigorous movement. The Fitness Loops are based upon themes such as Transportation, Animals, Seasons, Weather and Sports. Buddy classes meet in the gym twice a week to warm up, move vigorously, cool down and stretch. Additional posters increase student awareness of safe behaviour, healthy living knowledge, and desired vigorous movement techniques.

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Click photo to view list of Fitness Loop Materials
Fitness Loop Materials


C. Additional Activities

board game

Many resources are included to complement the core program delivery. Older students use Go Live Cards to lead younger buddies in quick, simple, 'sponge' activities that increase knowledge, awareness and enthusiasm for healthy living.

Fruit and Veggie Up games encourage healthy fuel choices through an engaging, whole class activity. The Go Move and Go Fuel Sorting card games reinforce vigorous physical activities and healthiest food choices.

A Yoga DVD and Videotape introduce stretching, strengthening, breathing, and relaxation.

An Appendix of engaging health related activities is included in Classroom Resource B.

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