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Empowering Elementary School Children to Live Healthier Lives

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Additional Activities FAQ

What are the Additional Activities referenced on the web site?

The Additional Activities are not only listed in Tab 3 but include the Go Live Cards and Yoga resources. The suggestions in the appendix provide many enrichment and extension ideas for using Healthy Buddies in a second year.

Go Live Cards

The Go Live Cards are optional and can be used at any time. Intermediate students use these cards to lead younger children in quick activities before recess or lunch. They are scripted for the students and require very little preparation.


The Yoga resources are summarized in Appendix 3 and we strongly recommend that the students participate in this beneficial activity as often as possible. These sessions could take the place of an occasional Fitness Loop, or be used on Monday morning to help the students focus, or on Friday afternoon to close the week.

board game


There are 5 games included in the Classroom Bin and 2 in the Fitness Loop bin. Some of the games support specific lessons and others are used at the teacherís discretion to reinforce key concepts. A Games Handbook is included in each bin. The games are all played with small groups of students, the older children taking an active role in teaching the healthy living concepts to their younger buddies. These activities stimulate dialogue and teach a variety of concepts related to activity and nutrition.