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Healthy Buddies: Go Move! Go Fuel! Go Feel Good!Healthy BuddiesBC Children's Hospital

Healthy Buddies

Go Move! Go Fuel! Go Feel Good!

Empowering Elementary School Children to Live Healthier Lives

Statement of Intent

Healthy Buddies™ empowers elementary school children to live healthier lives by providing them with knowledge about, as well as encouraging positive attitudes toward, the three components of health:

  1. Physical activity or Go Move!
  2. Nutrition or Go Fuel!
  3. Mental health or Go Feel Good!

These three components are represented by the three colours in the Healthy Buddies rainbow, an icon that demonstrates the equal importance of each theme.

The Healthy Buddies Program…

  • includes all materials for program delivery
  • provides an excellent opportunity to team teach
  • requires 23 hours each week
  • addresses a variety of learning outcomes
  • was developed by doctors and educators
  • has demonstrated results
Go Move! Go Fuel! Go Feel Good!

"I will remember getting to spend time with my little buddy and teaching her a life-long lesson about being healthy."
Malcolm, grade 5

"Children are better teachers because they have gone through the same things recently. Their memories have just been filled in so they can help younger buddies better."
James, grade 6

"Healthy Living is a three-step equation: eating healthy, being active and feeling good about yourself."
Doug, grade 6, study school student

"When your buddy is happy it makes you happy because they mean something to you."
Jennifer, grade 6

"A fantastic program! It was really, really exciting to see the change in students' thinking, attitudes, and bodies."
Study school teacher

"When we first started, my buddy would not raise her hand to share ideas, but now she is much more confident and is always eager to speak in class."
Jacob, grade 6, study school student

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